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【#holoJustice】The Mission Begins!【hololive English New Unit Debut PV】

Published : 19-06-2024 - Duration : 00:01:17
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hololive English ‐Justice‐ debuts on 6/21-22 PDT! 💄 @holoen_erbloodflame (Debut: 6/21 @ 8:00 PM PDT) Debut stream: X: 👧 @holoen_gigimurin (Debut: 6/21 @ 8:45 PM PDT) Debut stream: X: 🍵 @holoen_ceciliaimmergreen (Debut: 6/22 @ 8:00 PM PDT) Debut stream: X: 🐱 @holoen_raorapanthera (Deb

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